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My paintings are all oil on canvas, the images on this website are photographs of my work. Some of the images may be slightly cropped due to the fact that the picture taken was a bit crooked.


The three main navigation areas are at the top of each page, in "The Gallery" section, and at the bottom of each page.

Email Communications

If you contact me via email with a question about a painting, your order, a problem you experienced with the website, etc., I assure you that your address will not be shared, sold, or harvested for any reason. You will not receive messages from me about my website, my paintings, or anything else, except as noted in the next section. I will however answer your question to the best of my ability and that's the full extent of my use of your email address.

Explanation of the PayPal Transaction Process

All transactions on this website are completed with PayPal's secure service. When you click on the Buy Now button you will complete your transaction, using your preferred method of payment, on PayPal's secure website. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase, most major credit cards are accepted.

These instructions are intended only as a guide, and the actual steps may differ due to the site being updated, but it's a fairly common payment process.

  1. You click on the Buy Now button.
  2. You're taken to the PayPal website.
  3. Your purchase information is on the left, enter your contact information on the right.
  4. You click on Continue.
  5. On the next screen you choose your payment method and enter the payment information.
  6. You click on Review & Continue.
  7. Review your payment information.
  8. Click the Pay Now button.

There is no Cancel button, so if you decide that you don't want to Pay Now, you can either close your browser, or use your back button to leave the payment page. If you've entered information I'm going to suggest that you close your browser.

When you make a purchase I will receive an email from Paypal informing me that you have purchased a specific painting. I will then contact you twice via email:

  • Once to inform you that your order has been received, and to verify the order.

  • Once to inform you that your order has shipped and to provide you with the tracking number.

Accepted Credit Cards
PayPal accepts all major credit cards!

All pricing is USD $.

PayPal's Privacy Policy

Free Shipping, Handling & Insurance

Shipping, Handling & Insurance is included with every painting on this site, at no extra charge!

Fruits, Vegetables, & Flowers Index

Since there are so many paintings of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, this index page allows you to see the names of the paintings (e.g. Pansies & Teacups), and go to that page from the index link above.

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Fine Art Prints

View my paintings and leave a comment over at my Wordpress Site.

Thank you for visiting yvettegalliher.com if you have any questions, experience any problems, or if you would like to order prints

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