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Gicle'e Fine Art Prints

Did you see a painting that you like on this website, but don't want, or need the original oil on canvas painting? Don't fret! You can have a beautiful print of any painting at a fraction of the cost and in any size that you need it to be - aspect ratio preservation permitting. The aspect ratio information is here so that you can know what the dimensions will be, to ensure that the print will look right in the space you have for it.

Pricing & Ordering

What is the Gicle'e printing process?

Gicle'e (pronounced ghee-clay) is a high quality printing process whereby the original art is digitally reproduced using state of the art technology and the finest inks, papers and canvas. The collaboration between artist and technician assures the closest representation of the original art as is possible. Once the colors are correct and approved, the file data is stored on compact disk and archived for future printing.

Benefits of Gicle'e

Artists are now able to make fine art limited edition prints that represent the original more closely than other printing methods. Since the image is stored on a disk, prints can be produced as needed. Flexibility of re-sizing, cropping and editing allows the artist and technician to manipulate the image as necessary. The end product may be printed on a variety of substrates including archival papers and canvas.

The Process Begins

Original art can be digitally photographed or made into a color transparency. Transparensies are then scanned digitally. The technician "color corrects" the digital information and presents the artist with a proof for approval. Once the artist approves the colors, the technician retains one proof for comparison to future prints ordered. The image is then printed to the full size specified, and a protective coating is then applied, which also filters UV light.

Framing Your Gicle'e

Gicle'e's on paper should be framed using acid free mats and backing materials. Paper art requires the use of glass or plexiglass for protection. For canvas gicle'e prints, stretch art over stretcher bars and frame as you would an oil painting, using no glass.

Gicle'e Prints
Pricing & Ordering

Due to the sizes and options available prices are too variable for a price list, the best way to order your Gicle'e custom fine art print(s) is to contact me.

Once we have your order preferences complete I will send you an email with your order information, including an order number. Please confirm that your order is correct, then, click on the Buy Now button that is also included in the email.

Once you arrive at the PayPal payment page please confirm that the order number, and the price are both correct. Once you've confirmed that information, please close any other open browsers, or tabs; you can then enter your PayPal secured payment information.

When finished placing your order please close your browser before moving on to another website, even if you just want to return here.

Aspect Ratio

If the painting you're ordering a print of has a size of 18" wide by 48" tall you would divide the smaller number into the larger number: 48 divided by 18, which gives you 2.66, the aspect ratio is 2.66 to 1. If you would like the height to be 36 inches, you would find the width by dividing 36 by 2.66: 36 divided by 2.66 = 13.53, so in this example the print that is 36" tall would be 13.53" wide.

Fruits, Vegetables, & Flowers Index

Since there are so many paintings of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, this index page allows you to see the names of the paintings (e.g. Pansies & Teacups), and go to that page from the index link above.

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